Our Journey So Far…

Website subgroup hard at work
Eleanor (at the back) Eli, Sarah, Ayushi, Aidan and Carolyn’s legs in the YMCA at our subgroup website meeting!
Website revamp
CNN subgroup working hard on our website!

Hi comhairlites and other visitors, welcome to the Turning tides website and blog, run by Cork City Comhairle na nÓg. The website will be focusing on our Turning tides project on suicide prevention and awareness, as well as our Comhairle is general.

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What I’ve Learned After Six Months in Comhairle na nÓg

I joined Comhairle na nOg (CNN) in October 2018 after the AGM in Cork City Hall. Truthfully, I only went to it to avoid school but then started going to the meetings. Six months in and I’ve learned loads about what Comhairle na nOg does, similar Youth Services in Cork and the importance of biscuit breaks.

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Turning Tides Campaign: Our 3 point plan

Turning Tides Campaign

At our 2016 AGM  we voted on the topic of suicide as the one which CNN should work on as their project.

After much information and advice from the experts ( including CYPSC, Pieta House, Childline & The Samaritans ) the Comhairle decided on a 3 point campaign to support suicide prevention in Cork city especially amongst young people.

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About our campaign

Comhairle na nÓg members Laura, Aoife and Andrew talk about the process and ideas within our Turning Tides campaign. They talk about the need for awareness around suicide and young people as well as the creativity involved around our campaign. They talk about how they gathered research through information sessions with leading experts in issues around mental health and suicide. Laura talks about her idea for our logo and lapel pin, what the message within our symbol is and why it is important.

You can watch the video here:

Turning Tides


We were very excited to see this new campaign that YMCA are hosting and fully support it. It strengthens the awareness in relation to our campaign which can only be a GREAT thing. Get involved and TAKE YOUR SELFIE TODAY!

click here for campaign details

On Tuesday 10 October, World Mental Health Day 2017, YMCA and young people from around the world came together to challenge the stigma that is stopping individuals affected by mental health difficulties speaking out and seeking help.


1.Picking a thick coloured pen that you feel reflects your current feelings or state of mind.

2.Draw the #IAMWHOLE circle on your left hand and hold it up to the camera, just like Ed Sheeran.

3.Take a landscape photo and post it on Tuesday 10 October accompanied by some words about why you are supporting #IAMWHOLE, for example, “I’m speaking out against harmful language around mental health with YMCA. Together, we are whole. #IAMWHOLE”

Brainstorming & Process

our brainstorming session







After our brainstorming and inspirational session, we all designed our ideas around an image and a slogan that could be used for people during stressful and suicidal times of their lives.


We wanted to use encouraging words combined with a unique and creative symbol.

Some of our encouraging words included ” Even though the times are tough, you can make it through” & ” Grow and be true to you” & ” The blues don’t have to be a cycle“.








Our process:

Over the last few months we have been developing ideas around creating awareness and support for suicide prevention. Through a series of creative workshops we brainstormed ideas around this topic.


Together with our facilitator Eadaoin, we looked at and discussed inspiring images of hope. Each of us chose an image that we felt strongly about and how it related to both feeling and being hopeful.

images from our workshop

images from our workshop

images from our workshop

images from our workshop