Our Campaign


Welcome to our Turning Tides Campaign

Through workshops, information sessions and advice from the experts Comhairle decided on a 3 point campaign to support suicide prevention in Cork city especially amongst young people


Action 1: Raise awareness of and break down barriers to the key help services for people who may be feeling suicidal in Cork city. This will be done in two ways:

a.The distribution of pens with our campaign title and blog address which provides all the essential information about the campaign and the help services

b.Another idea is to create a video portraying real life scenarios of the journey a person goes through when they take the brave step of reaching out for help. This will be created in partnership with the services listed in our campaign and will be on our blog as well as available for use on other sites.

Action 2: Turning Tides peer signposting session delivery. We would love to visit youth groups, clubs, youth centres and schools to inform young people about our campaign, point out the important awareness information in our blog, show the video and encourage/equip people to signpost their peers to the relevant services appropriately. Every person who participates in this session will receive a Turning Tides lapel pin to remind them of the session and the message of signposting to the services that are there to help.


Action 3: To explore reasons for the lack of suicide awareness training for under 18’s in Ireland (especially given our high youth suicide rates) and to advocate for suitable and relevant suicide prevention training for the 16-18 years age group.