We were very excited to see this new campaign that YMCA are hosting and fully support it. It strengthens the awareness in relation to our campaign which can only be a GREAT thing. Get involved and TAKE YOUR SELFIE TODAY!

click here for campaign details

On Tuesday 10 October, World Mental Health Day 2017, YMCA and young people from around the world came together to challenge the stigma that is stopping individuals affected by mental health difficulties speaking out and seeking help.


1.Picking a thick coloured pen that you feel reflects your current feelings or state of mind.

2.Draw the #IAMWHOLE circle on your left hand and hold it up to the camera, just like Ed Sheeran.

3.Take a landscape photo and post it on Tuesday 10 October accompanied by some words about why you are supporting #IAMWHOLE, for example, “I’m speaking out against harmful language around mental health with YMCA. Together, we are whole. #IAMWHOLE”

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